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Anon also wanted concussed synesthesia Tim taking care of an injured Jason.

Uh…I actually wrote concussed Tim and drugged Jason. They’re both injured, so does that count?

Ah…it kind of sucks.

;__; Sorry anon.


"J-J-Ja-Jason." Tim blinks, he can’t. There’s this ringing in his ears.

That would be the concussion and the bomb that blocked their exit.

He fumbles in the dark and rips the cowl off, he can’t breathe and he can’t hear past the ring.

He squints his eyes, everything is blurred.

"Ja-Jason." He’s not breathing too well. He can’t see really well, but he does see the fist aimed at his face.

He dodges, hits a wall, takes a fist to the stomach.

That would account for his shortness in breath.

He sees a flash of light, a glint of something, and it hurts his eyes.

Tim squeezes his eyes closed and there’s pressure on his neck.

His gloves grasp at the arm, it’s Jason and Jason is snarling. Wordless.

Red, straggling lines the flash across his eyes. Bubbles of green, darkening. 

Tim manages give Jason a solid kick and they both fall.

He knows the only reason he gets the nerve strike in is because Jason isn’t thinking and he has the unfair advantage of being able to see sound regardless of how dark it is.

Tim can’t hear very well, and there’s ringing in his ears.

And he’s tired.

But he knows this is a concussion.

And he knows. He knows.

Jason snarls.


He knows that Jason has fear-toxin in him.

And. Tim closes his eyes, squeezes them shut. Tries to remember.

And. Jason is claustrophobic. 

(Digging oneself out of a coffin tends to do that to a person.)

But there’s something else to.

Tim squeezes on of Jason’s hands and watches the sound pour out of their mouths. Fill the cavern.


That’s right.

 He watches how the sound flows, tries to find it escaping, a hole, a place where it funnels.

Because that’s how they’re going to get out of here.

If Tim can stay awake and if Jason can get through this attack of toxin.

But. Tim is swaying on his feet and it’s not like he can carry a some-what thrashing Jason. He can’t even carry Jason on a good day.

So Tim drops next to the spinner of red strings and breathes.

Tries to discern what Jason is saying over the high pitched ring, the vibrating lemon meringue sparkles that hover all over.

Tim gives up after a few minutes and settles with running his hand over Jason’s head.

Jason starts to quiet and Tim isn’t sure if Jason is concussed or bleeding or what so he gives Jason a little shake.

Apparently the nerve strike wore off because Jason gives him a hard jab to the stomach (ow).

Tim doesn’t know how he sounds if he can’t hear over the ringing.

But he opens his mouth and shapes the green into something that looks like it might be comforting.

The feeble red strings tremble a bit before they start flowing like they should.

Jason is either calming down or gearing up for another scream fest.

As long as they both stay awake it should be fine (and as long as, you know, Jason doesn’t kill him).

(He doesn’t.)

(At least he hopes he doesn’t.)

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