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I just wanted to say I love, love, /love/ your mafia!au. I flail around whenever I see you wrote a new fic. Um, do you think someday maybe you could write something with Tim, Kon, and Conner in college, like them meeting or something?

Psychic anon is psychic. I’ve been wanting to write this, I’ve just had no motivation.

They actually have met before and were sort of friends (they bond over having over-protective families that are a tad bit psychotic) but get really close during their college years.


"And here I thought they only let the intelligent into this class.”

Tim resists the urge to bear his teeth (he’s been a good boy lately, yes he has) and tames his face into a sneer. He looks up at the larger male looming over him (he lives in a house of big men, looming is as effectual as a slap to the wrist).

"Are you lost neanderthal? This is a physics class, not a natural science class.”

Kon and Tim manage to keep a straight face for all of twelve seconds before the former bursts into laughter and Tim’s face slips into a smile.

"I honestly did not know that you would be attending New Carthage."

"Yeah, man. It’s a shame Connor isn’t here-"

"Who’s not here?"

Tim turns to his side and the smile widens (and it might show a little more teeth than absolutely necessary).

"So you convinced Roy to let you come?"

Connor slides into the seat next to Tim and gives one of his own enigmatic smiles.

"He may or may not know where I am at this particular moment in time."

"Well would you look at that, goody-two-shoes Connor Hawke is playing hooky with his guards." Kon sits on the desk and pulls out his phone, starts texting.

Tim tilts his head. “It must be your influence Kon, where’s Mercy?”

Kon shrugs. “Dunno. And at least I don’t kill my guards. Or have them ‘detained’”.

"I do not kill my guards. I kill the babysitters Daddy dearest sends after me.”

"Can I just say that it’s very disturbing to have you call…him 'daddy dearest'?”

"You can but it’d probably only make him want to do it more."

"Well what else am I supposed to call him, he is my Daddy dearest.”


"Putting disturbing thoughts aside, are we still on for Thursday?"


"Of course, I might be a tad bit late."

"Really? Mr. Punctual late?” Kon looks up from his texting. Tim huffs.

"You have to give me time to shake my guards you know. They only get worse when I get out of the city. And I can’t even have them killed because they’re Jason’s guards.”

"Any different from your normal guards?"

"It’s because Jason withholds sex isn’t it?" Kon smirks.

Tim pouts and Connor laughs.

"Oh, shut it. You’re jealous because you’re going to be forever alone until you’re bald and obsessing over some alien."

Hey, we don’t know if I’ll go bald. Don’t even joke about that.”

"Kon’s right Tim, don’t joke about that. What would we do if we had to be seen in public with him if he does go bald?”

Tim and Connor shake with silent laughter. Tim brushes his hand over Connor’s arm and Connor knocks his shoulder against Tim’s.

Kon glares.

"I hate you both."

Tim smiles (again, a little bit more teeth than what’s polite) and Connor gives him one of his serene (but condescending) looks.

Kon tucks his phone into his pocket.

"Let’s blow this joint? It’s not like they’re teaching anything we don’t know."

Tim tilts his head. “This can only hurt my reputation.”

Connor bites his lip. “Indeed.”

"Fucking live a little. You have the Wayne reputation to uphold and can anyone honestly expect anything else from Oliver Queen’s son?”

Tim narrows his eyes. “I should take offense to this. But you make an oddly good point.”

Connor sighs. “I can see that our voice of reason has failed. Where are we going?”

Kon tilts his head back.

"Dunno. Wherever. As long as it’s just us."

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