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A Sunny Day

Title: A Sunny Day

Verse: lit!verse: synesthesia

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Rating: PG

Can I please prompt a drabble for one of your ‘verses? I want Dick to call dibs on Tim for something, and Jason to be all YOU CAN’T CALL DIBS ON A PERSON AND ALSO /NO HE’S MINE/ GET YOUR OWN image Anonymous

I just wanted to mention how much I adore in your Synesthesia!verse the Damian and Tim relationship! I loved in “Robin” (? I think?) where Damian says “Did you SEE a peep?”– because I think it’s a lovely idea that Tim’s synesthesia is more natural to Damian, because he’s younger/has known Tim a shorter time. I just like how he seems more adjusted to it, even more than the others! It’s a cute idea, and I think it’d be nice if you could work it into more Synesthesia the next time you write it :) (From a different anon)


Tim sighs, closing his eyes as he lays down on the floor.

His headphones are snuggly covering his ears, and it’s nice-

Listening without seeing.

Seeing without listening.

There is a time and a place for that.

There is also a time when he just wants to see the world like everyone else does. Perhaps he doesn’t want to do it as much as he used to.

(You’re special, baby. And- It’s beautiful.)

But there are still times when he wants to listen to something and not see color or shape. He just wants to see the world and hear music.

So he’s lying down on the floor of the library, Damian is somewhere with Bruce. Presumably arguing about his new pet.

(“Father, it is a huge, stupid mutt. It got stuck in the tub. Mardea, although small and having no abilities other than being…affectionate has more intellectual prowess and usefulness than this bulk. I demand he be exchanged.”

“Damian you can’t just exchange a pet.”

“Then pass him on to Grayson.”

“Damian you are not giving Dick your dog. The dog is yours and you and I both know that Dick just can’t handle that responsibility.”

“Guys, I’m right here.”

“We know.”)

Tim lies on the floor. Eyes sliding closed, sliding open.

Taking in the clear view of the world. Untainted, touched only by the thin rays of light that filter through the tree branches outside the window. He turns his head to the side, just enough to see his outspread arms. His pale skin exposed by his short rolled up sleeves.

The light slides over his skin, painting it soft yellow, changing its normal white-cream complexion to something with just a bit more life.

He still doesn’t know what’s on his music player. Dick’s gone and messed with it again. Fixed the shuffle so that Tim couldn’t predict what would come up next and skip.

(After a few repetitions, Tim easily figured out the pattern of skips.)

He’s been listening for a few hours though, and he’s yet to hear anything he finds ridiculous. So that’s good.

Tim’s eyes are beginning to drift closed –the sun is so warm, so soft, feels so good, it’s almost never this sunny- when he starts, feeling eyes on him.

He stares upwards at the giant dog.

The dog licks his cheek and he laughs, although he doesn’t hear it over the headphones. They’re very good at cancelling out all other noise. He reaches up and pushes the enthusiastic canine away from him, sitting up and smiling when Titus lays down on his paws, massive head resting on Tim’s lap.

He slides the headphones off, letting them hang around his neck, feeling a small shudder as the world returns in a flush of color and noise.

Titus’ soulful eyes look up at him, tail thumping on the ground, slowly. Gently.

Tim smiles and hugs the dog’s head. Titus is more like a giant teddy bear than an actual dog. He’s so gentle.

Both of them turn to the door, watching as Damian sulks in, followed by Dick and Jason.

Damian frowns as he sits next to Tim, Titus giving one of his dog smiles and moving over to lick his boy. Damian growls, but tolerates the affection. Dick laughs and wrestles Titus into a full body hug, the dog more than happy with the attention. Jason’s hand brushes Tim’s shoulder blades as he moves to Tim’s other side.

It’s very nice. In the rare-sunshine of Gotham, with everyone together. And now their pet dog.

Tim’s always wondered what it would be like to have a dog, but his parents always thought he couldn’t handle a pet.

And it’s nice-

When they play.


“Hide and seek!”

“This is asinine and childish.”

“Little D, you are a child. That’s the point.”

“Scared you can’t win brat?”


Tim watches his brothers banter back and forth, trying to convince the youngest Robin to play. He knows that eventually they’ll decide on playing something equivalent to capture the flag.

He’s just waiting for who’s team he’ll be on.

He’s secretly hoping for Damian’s because, as much as he loves Jason, Damian is much easier to be sneaky with. They’ve even discussed tactics against their elders once or…more than twice.

Tim’s hand rests on Titus’ head, as they both watch the three elders talk.

On the edge of his hearing Tim can hear the faint sound of Alfred in one of the other rooms, down the hall. He turns as he hears Alfred’s near-silent approach, Titus’ head perking up.

He hears, sees, Alfred pause outside the door, presumably checking in on them, before leaving. Tim squints and sees the faint tell-tale wisp of smoke-blue that signals that he is correct. He turns back to his brothers, Titus mimicking the movement.

Dick and Jason are currently arguing about teams.

Damian looks at him. Tilts his head.

“Did you see Pennyworth?”

Tim nods.

Dick turns. “Alfred came in?”

“No, he was outside the door.”

“How’d you-”

Tim taps his ear.

“I saw him sigh.”

There is a pause.

“Dibs on Tim for my team.”

Jason punches Dick’s arm.

“You can’t call dibs on people. And if anyone gets to call dibs on him it’s me. Get your own boyfriend.”

“He’s my little brother-”

So am I, and for that matter, so is Damian, what the hell is with your blatant favoritism, you jerk?”

“Hey, you totally passed up patrol with me for patrol with Damian the other night-”

“Maybe it’s because he isn’t a jerk like you are-”

Tim would be worried over their fighting, if it wasn’t for the fact that both former-Robins were grinning. Tim turns to Damian, who holds his hand out to Tim while sneering at their brothers. Tim takes the hand, rolling to his feet.

Damian clears his throat, interrupting the other two.

“If you two idiots would cease your bickering, Tim is on my team.”

“Since when?

“Since we decided that with our superiority it would be much more beneficial for the both of us rather than hinder ourselves by limiting our options to…you two.”

Tim feels it helpful to add, “It’s been decided that someday we’ll take over the world.”

Damian nods, imperious. “I shall lay claim to the eastern and southern sections of Europe. Timothy shall have the western and northern sections. We shall divide Asia, sharing China. Africa, Antarctica, and South America shall be divided between us as well, by time zone and for certain countries we shall trade of on off years. Out of respect for Father we leave him with the eastern seaboard of North America.”

“Alfred would get the UK and Canada.”

“And the rest of America shall be Tim’s.”

Dick and Jason stare in shock. Tim swallows bubbles of laughter, and he can see from the way Damian’s voice almost wavers at the end of his sentence that he’s very close to laughing too.

“You traitor.”

Tim smiles at his boyfriend (that word might never stop making him act jittery), and pushes down the bubbles of laughter for mock-solemn strands of glass, glittering mischievously in the light. “Don’t worry, Jason. You’d make a great trophy-husband. I’d take good care of you.”

“What about me?” Dick says, look of incredulous amusement plastered over his easy-going features, lilac-wisteria twirling, tinting and mixing with Tim’s green.

“You shall be sent to a convent to fix your misguided ways.” Damian deadpans, a steady flow of gold and jade.


Dick lunges for Damian, who dodges, running –pulling Tim with him- to the door. He turns and sticks his tongue out.

“Rest assured, Grayson, you shall not be alone. I am quite certain the dog would be adequate company for you.”

Damian pulls Tim out the door, Titus barking at the mention of himself (it’s a little funny that Titus knows that Damian means him when he says “the dog”) and Dick’s sputtering trailing after them.

Tim laughs, green glass gliding upwards as Damian cackles, golden grains glimmering and spreading around them. From behind them Tim can see Jason’s red and Dick’s lilac groping after them, chasing them.

He can hear the thump of Titus scrambling after.

The sun is warm, a rare sunny day in Gotham.

It’s a fine day to spend, running around Wayne Manor, being chased by a rainbow.

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